Computer and Its Evolution: All You Need to Know

The discovery of the computer or its origin brings evolution like online learning platforms get to the education system with different software like LMS portals and institute ERP. In today’s era, every field is dependent on the computer, including banking, medicine, finance, education, and IT. So now the question is who developed the first computer, and how computer generation we have used till now. This article will discuss the detailed study of computers and their evolution.

The discovery of the computer was a mistake by scientists. Charles Babbage wanted to evolve the perfect calculator, so he came up with the idea of a computer. But the actual computer was built somewhat 120 years after he designed it.

1st generation computer- 

2nd generation computer – 

3rd generation computer

4th generation computer

5th generation 

Benefits of computer 


The above mentioned are the benefits of the computer in day-to-day life. They have completely changed human life, and it is used by the person belonging to any field, either scientists or engineering. Still, the difference in application makes them viable to be used by anyone. It is a medium of connection and evolution that makes us a technological world.

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